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Message from the LWRJC President

As we have now reached the month of May, crowds are al little smaller, temperature and humidity are a lot higher and the planning begins for a new season of the LWR Jewish Club. As an update, the last time I wrote, we were asking for volunteers to staff our committees and our board. At the meeting we held, almost 50 people attended and about 25 eventually volunteered to participate in club planning. Thank you very much for the wonderful response. There is room for more participation. So if you wish to be on a committee (Social, Programming, Small Interest Groups, and perhaps Communication), let me hear from you. These committees are not full. There is room for more participation. And this is a great way to make new friends.

Seder was a success. We knew that the demand would be less because it was the second night, but since we had no alternative if we wanted to stay with Lakewood Ranch Country Club, we took the chance and went with night 2. About 90 people attended. The food was great, the leader was terrific and I can truly state that everyone there had a wonderful time. Next year we hope to be back to the first night.

Sometime in June, we will send out a questionnaire asking for your input on small interest groups that would be of interest to you. I urge everyone to respond and let us know if you would be interested in being one of the organizers of a group. I know we made an effort to create groups a couple of years ago and the effort fell short. I believe that we have identified the problems causing the lack of success and this time there will be a much more positive result.

Thank you for all of your support over the past years. Next year, we are looking forward to our best year yet. With your participation, we will get there. Have a great summer and see you in the Fall. The annual picnic is scheduled for October 27th at Summerfield Park. Stay safe.

Jim Payton, President

Lakewood Ranch Jewish Club

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